This is a novel that will be a slight departure from The Unseen and The Nephilim. Inspired by my nephew, this novel is going to explore some spiritual issues that I find compelling and were sparked by stories told to me by my sister.

Touched is in the brainstorming and note-collecting modes right now, so there isn’t much more to share. I will definitely be updating as the ideas begin to gel.

About RNAdams2

I write what I call "supernatural suspense"; that is, suspenseful stories involving otherworldly events. I have a lot I could (and will) write about the topic. I could explain what I write as "horror," but I have always believed that an author should have the primary motive of horrifying his readers, which is not the case with me. I could call my writing "supernatural" or "paranormal," but my writing lacks much of the focus on romance/erotica or teenage angst that seems to be prevalent in those genres.
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