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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Me

I have several goals for this website, and, to my frustration, I seem to have lost sight of these. At last, what I think I need to do is construct a Mission Statement–some sort of declaration that will act as a reminder for me, as well as a promise to you. Continue reading

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Inspired by my nephew, this novel is going to explore some spiritual issues that I find compelling and were sparked by stories told to me by my sister. Continue reading

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The Span

I don’t remember what it was that drove me from the dry shelter and the fireplace of my home out into the misty evening; some unbidden restlessness that wouldn’t be denied, I think. Continue reading

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A Little Consistency

I have been mulling things over regarding this blog, and I have come to a couple of decisions. Continue reading

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Writing Tools: Liquid Story Binder XE

Everything about LSBXE is flexible, and the uses to which you put your binders is no exception. One binder can be created for a series of short stories, for instance. I have heard of one fantasy writer using a binder solely for world-building, while using a separate binder for each story or novel that takes place in that world Continue reading

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