Works In Progress

So many irons in the fire! Although I suppose it all depends on your definition of the phrase, “in progress.”

Vintage fountain pen and archment paper

Image © 2009 Kriss Szkurlatowski

I have the wonderfully frustrating penchant for attracting ideas that will most likely sit like that container in the back corner of the refrigerator that contains–well–something. The differences are that I address the orphaned leftovers more often than the story ideas, and I never throw out the story ideas.

I currently have a several novel and short story ideas that are in stages ranging from writing the first draft to brainstorming. And then there’s The Casebook of Doctor Frederick Greene….

When I have enough information to share about any of the projects, I’ll add updates. I might even add a snippet or two from the works. And as always, please let me know what you think!

The Unseen
Otter Cove is a small California coastal resort town located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Usually peaceful, a sharp rise in seemingly random violent crimes have plagued the town, and Police Detective Lupe Sanchez is sure there must be common thread between them. What she finds will challenge her faith in both herself and what she thought was reality.
The Nephilim
Joshua Hart inherited inhuman reflexes and an unnaturally long life from his demonic father, and a soul from his human mother. And after two centuries of avoiding it, he has one very important decision to make.
It’s no secret that a child profoundly affects the lives of his or her family from birth. Yet young Benjamin touches the lives of everyone with whom he comes in contact in ways that are almost unbelievable.
The Casebook of Doctor Frederick Greene
The adventures of an Atlanta, Georgia-based consultant into matters of the occult.