The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Me

No, the title’s not a typo. If you’ve read my previous post, A Little Consistency, you might know what I’m talking about here. “So,” you might ask, “what’s up?” Well, here’s what’s up:

I have several goals for this website, and, to my frustration, I seem to have lost sight of these. At last, what I think I need to do is construct a Mission Statement–some sort of declaration that will act as a reminder for me, as well as a promise to you.

First, Some News


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The biggest news I have to relay concerns National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. To those who may not know what NaNoWriMo is about, I wrote a post a couple of months ago that should be a decent primer for the event, but the very short version is, NaNoWriMo is a challenge for writers to complete the first draft of a novel during the month of November. Specifically, the goal is 50,000 words, which amounts to a fairly small novel.

Last year I was able to eke out just over 8,000 words; this year was more than three times that amount, at 28,494. So, just over half the stated goal, and more like a third of what my novel will actually weight in at. Yet, I consider it a win. After all, I have the most I have ever contributed to a novel completed, and I intent to continue until I am finished. I initially pegged a January 15th due date for completion of the first draft, but I later decided not to lock myself into anything but a pledge that I will finish it.

One other thing that I have accomplished–a small yet hugely important thing–is to fix the commenting problem you have all been experiencing. The issue arose when I added a Captcha service to discourage spam commenting; the thing didn’t display an image to decode, and therefore locked you all out of the commenting cycle.

I am guilty of dragging my feet on this issue, but I have finally set up Akismet to handle the potential spam. The best thing about it is that it works without any input from you, so that you don’t have to squint at the screen so much.

Aside from this and NaNoWriMo, I haven’t done much of anything that I can quantify. but that’s about to change.

The Mission Statement

So, the next big chore I have set for myself is to create a Mission Statement for the site. I’m not sure whether I will actually post the thing, but I am leaning toward doing it. Because, it’s not much of a promise to you, my readers, if I don’t let you know what it is I am committing to for you.

More To Do

There are a few other thing on my website to-do list, and I am hoping to begin rolling these out within the next two months. Here’s what just comes to mind at the moment:

Site redesign
I have decided that I need to make the site more user friendly. A major consideration is to strike a balance between visual appeal and readability. I will be rolling out changes gradually over the next month or so; the first update will be the biggest, and therefore might take a while before it shows up, but I promise you’ll notice when the changes begin.
The Casebook of Doctor Frederick Greene
This is my proposed serial adventure, and I had originally set a January launch date. As things sit now, that doesn’t look likely. It’s definitely coming, but one of my concerns is my ability to consistently publish installments without jeopardizing the progress of other projects of equal or greater importance.
Frequent updates to WIP news
As I begin to work on my other works-in-progress, I want to make sure I am letting you know what’s going on with them. Since my biggest priority right now is finishing the first draft of The Unseen, you can expect an increase in the frequency of updates there. I have been getting “light bulb moments” with the others as well, and so I will get some of the ideas in writing to share with you as well.
A predictable posting schedule
I tried to get this solidified earlier, but quickly lost sight of it. Once I re-evaluate my ability to maintain the site, I will let you all know what you can expect from me.

Last Thought

I just felt that I should apologize to you, because contrary to the title of this post, I have absolutely nothing to write concerning mice, rats, or any other form of rodent. Sorry.

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  1. Rainy Kaye says:

    Once you know the direction you want to take your blog, both in mission and schedule, consider making a “cache” of articles to fall back on when you are otherwise unable to keep to the schedule. It’s a life saver =)

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