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It’s… Alive!

My website, that is. Like some mad scientist tinkering in the workings of things which should probably left alone, I have been wasting spending my time this past month or two upgrading the site’s form and function. Eventually, I have … Continue reading

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The Meaning of the Christmas Season

Sitting here at my keyboard, I don’t know if you’re Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever, but I do know this: the virtues extolled during the Christmas season are not just for one faith, but for all of mankind. Continue reading

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Childish Things

I’ve read great writers describe writing as a chore, a mechanical job that one does, either well or poorly. And I’ve heard as many other writers say that writing is a kind of bleeding onto the page, and just as the ancients believed that a man’s life was contained in his blood, so these writers seem to be saying that the act of writing is like pouring your life out—and maybe even sacrificing it—for your writing. Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Me

I have several goals for this website, and, to my frustration, I seem to have lost sight of these. At last, what I think I need to do is construct a Mission Statement–some sort of declaration that will act as a reminder for me, as well as a promise to you. Continue reading

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A Halloween Memory

During a lull in trick-or-treating activity, one of the boys slipped out into the front yard and stood posed, perfectly still. The other grabbed the bowl of treats and waited for the doorbell to ring. Continue reading

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